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Whisper Me a Lullaby

Though their upbringing was less than picturesque, twenty-something siblings Charlie (Christina Vinsick) and Scott (Peter Mychalcewycz), share a profound bond that is intensified by their protection of a family secret. As Charlie searches for spiritual grounding, she pulls away from reality. Only Poppy (John Heard of Home Alone) and newfound friend Levy (Wyatt Kuether of Guy Code) give her hope to escape a tumultuous relationship with Nate (Jason Downs of Racing Daylight). Scott, along with their friend Emma (Tika Sumpter of Sparkle) and Aunt Jane (Blanche Baker of Sixteen Candles) desperately try to support her. It is her humanity and that of those who love her, which leave us with the notion that we all know a Charlie. With breathtaking scenery of the Hudson Valley, NY as a backdrop, this film will tug at your heartstrings and challenge your ideas of love, spirituality and what it really means to be a friend. Experience the film that critics are calling “Realistic...true to its tale” and “...from the heart”.

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