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Spring Fling Filmmaker Mixer


Join Film Fatales and WWFC for a virtual networking mixer for filmmakers of all genders and experience levels.

Eager to meet creative collaborators? Excited to share details about your latest passion project? Missing the company of like-minded artists? We will begin with a “getting to know you” exercise before dividing up into smaller discussion circles for meaningful conversations based on a series of guided prompts.

Film Fatales is a non profit arts organization which advocates for parity in the film industry and supports an inclusive community of over a thousand feature film and television directors of marginalized genders.

Women’s Weekend Film Challenge works for gender equity by creating opportunities for women to bring their leadership, talents, and stories to the forefront of the film industry.

This virtual event is open to filmmakers of all genders and experience levels. It will be a fully interactive session.

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Walking Boldly


Join Film Fatales for a discussion with Showrunners, Writers and Creators about breaking barriers in Episodic Television with Emily Spivack (Worn Stories), Ilse Fernandez (Cyberwar), Mel Shimkovitz (High Maintenance), and Xan Aranda (My Love).

This roundtable conversation will amplify creative voices who are breaking barriers in episodic television. How do you pitch a show that has never been made before? How do you maintain your distinctive voice and build community around it? Does a unique approach help you break in, or does it need to be packaged for the industry? How do you choose your battles and what have been your biggest challenges? What does it take to be part of the larger paradigm shift that’s happening in the episodic world and where do we go from here?

Recommended Reading

  • Catapult Film Fund Award Grants to 3 Filmmakers by Jillian Morgan

  • Seven Badass Female Showrunners written by Shalayne Pulia

  • Sick as a Bird written by Jory Carroll

  • Tales of Well-Loved Clothes written by Maxine Wally

  • The Awesome Way Women are Running Hollywood written by Lauren Le Vine

  • The Patriarchy - That’s My Rival written by Zak Stone

Additional Resources

  • Annenberg Inclusivity in Entertainment Study

  • Cinereach Fellowships

  • NBC Female Forward

  • ReFrame Project

  • Shonda Rhimes Teaches Showrunning

  • Showrunners Documentary

  • UCLA Showrunners Bootcamp

  • Warner Bros. TV Directors’ Workshop

  • WGAW Showrunner Training Program

  • Women in Film - Career Acceleration Programs

Once in a Lifetime


Join Film Fatales for a discussion about Character Driven Documentaries with Amber Fares (Speed Sisters), Eunice Lau (Accept the Call), Laura Checkoway (Edith + Eddie) and Rita Baghdadi (My Country No More).

Hear from experienced multi-hyphenate filmmakers as they discuss their approach to creating character-driven documentaries. We will explore where they find their stories and how they create safe atmospheres conducive to filming such intimate portraits. We’ll dive into how these creators stay inspired and active for the long process of filming a subject over years.

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Breaking the Mold


Join us for a discussion about experimental filmmaking techniques and bold stylistic choices with Film Fatales members Emily Cohen Ibañez (Fruits of Labor), Mariah Garnett (Trouble), Olivia Peace (Tahara), and Penny Lane (Hail Satan?).

Hear from filmmakers forging a path with their uniquely creative voices. Learn where they find inspiration, how they cultivate their style, and how they maintain it in the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of the film industry. Do bold choices help you stand out or are they something you have to fight to hold onto? How do you maintain your artistic integrity? How do you choose which aesthetic compromises to make?

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Filmmaking on a Budget


Join us Friday April 2nd 2pm PT for a discussion about low budget feature filmmaking with Film Fatales members Alana Barrett-Adkins (Asunder, One Flesh Divided), Claudia Cifuentes (After the Wedding), Patricia Vidal Delgado (La Leyenda Negra) and Veronica McKenzie (Nine Nights).

Hear from experienced filmmakers as they discuss their unique experiences, and sometimes unorthodox approaches, in the world of low budget filmmaking. We will explore how to overcome numerous obstacles presented in development, financing, casting, crewing, shooting, and post-production. We'll also offer marketing and distribution strategies for scripted feature films made on minimal budgets. Learn how each of these filmmakers found creative ways to overcome challenges specific to low-budget filmmaking to bring their visions to the screen.

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Film Fatales Social Mixer: Building Connections


Members of Film Fatales are invited to a virtual social mixer for feature film and episodic television directors around the world. Join us for a community discussion around inclusive language, authentic authorship and ethical filmmaking practices as we continue to work towards decolonizing the film industry. Let's stand in solidarity against systemic racism and gender-based violence as we make space to listen to each other and build deeper connections within our community.

We will begin with a grounding ritual and group conversation led by co-hosts Amy Marquis (Ara, Untamed), Chelsea Hernandez (Building The American Dream) Donna Wheeler (Death of a Saleswoman), and Rijaa Nadeem (Scandal Made me Famous), before dividing up into smaller discussion circles to deepen our relationships based on a series of guided prompts.

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