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The Lower Plateau

Written and directed by Liz Singh, The Lower Plateau follows the story of Jaine, a formerly successful Montreal musician turned pot dealer, as she trudges through the snow-covered Plateau—the heart of the city’s independent music scene. Dogged by her ex-band mate’s new hit song, Jaine mourns the loss of her career, her band, and her self-respect. When a glittering opportunity in the Emerald City of Toronto threatens to lure her into a shiny new life, Jaine struggles to sever old ties, including those securing her to her best friend/roommate Mari, her married ex-lover/ex-manager David, and her charming new customer/potential love interest, Darren.

Her ex wants her to move on, her mom wants her to move to Toronto, her best friend wants things to stay the same forever, and her clients just want weed but, armed with a backpack full of bud and a repertoire of Alanis Morissette covers, Jaine has other plans.

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