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This documentary explores the damaging effects of the film business on the environment. Greenlit follows Miranda, an indie producer, to the realization that making movies has a tendency to be extremely wasteful. The documentary explores films that have wreaked havoc on our environment and poses the question: What can we do to soften our carbon footprint as filmmakers? Miranda follows the cast and crew of the indie feature film, The River Why, starring Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights), as they bring aboard a Green Consultant, Lauren Selman, and watch her struggles to 'Green' their film. Even in a town as eco-conscious as Portland, the task proves challenging and we see how film crews and film unions maintain that there is no place in the line of filmmaking for someone who's job description is Environmental Consultant. Both entertaining and humorous, this documentary is filled with compelling and important facts about filmmaking and sustainability.

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