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Sean Crawford has two women in his life. It’s all any 15-year-old guy could ask for...except that one is a domineering mother who controls his time and demands perfection of him. The other, Chloe, is a seemingly crazy/fantastic girl he met online who chats with him day and night. The problem is, she lives on the other side of the state, and he’s never even seen her in person. Also, he doesn’t have a car. Or a driver’s license. When Sean finds himself grounded instead of surfing when his parents head off on a weekend vacation, he decides it’s time to be a little less than perfect. Fueled by soda and adrenalin, he “borrows” his dad’s Tesla and races across California to finally meet his Internet crush. But Chloe isn’t exactly looking for a weekend fling, and over the course of two wild days, she changes his life and everything he thought he knew about himself.

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