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Brie's Bake Off Challenge

Ready… set… bake! Brie’s Bake Off Challenge is filled with bake sales, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, bake off challenges and so much more. The story follows Brie Hayes, an aspiring 12-year-old baker who does everything she can to win first place in her school’s annual Spring Bake Off Challenge. Brie and her BFFL Millie must practice and motivate each other in order to win. On top of the actual baking challenges, Brie faces her “archnemesis” and bully, Vanessa Weiler, who also wants to win first place. Pressures and tensions rise as the stakes get higher and Vanessa’s crush, Jody, is also competing to win. The winner of the Spring Bake Off Challenge will win a whopping $5,000 and tickets to Cosmo Land.

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