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Blood Hunters

Ellie, a single mother, overdoses and wakes up in a medical facility only to discover that everyone around her is dead and she is somehow nine months pregnant. As she tries to escape, she soon realizes that some “things” not-quite-human are prowling the hallways, and she doesn’t want to be their next meal. She soon finds that she is not alone. She meets up with a disparate group of survivors, each grappling with a troubled past. Unable to escape the locked facility, the group bands together when Ellie goes into labour. The true nature of the facility must be revealed in order to save her. Ellie didn’t just overdose. She died, and was brought back to life. Unfortunately, just like the people resurrected before her, she didn’t come back alone. She’s carrying a hitchhiker from beyond and unless they find a way to deliver it safely, it's going to kill her. Little do they know, the creature inside Ellie may hold the key to their survival and their ultimate salvation.

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