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A Kaddish For Bernie Madoff

A KADDISH FOR BERNIE MADOFF is the story of an underground musician who becomes obsessed with Bernie Madoff's massive financial fraud and finds herself inside a real-life meta-musical investigation about trust, deception and healing. A hybrid of musical memoir and narrative fantasy, A KADDISH FOR BERNIE MADOFF tells the story of Madoff and the system that allowed him to function for decades through the eyes of singer-songwriter Alicia Jo Rabins, who – after being given access to an abandoned office on Wall Street for a music studio – watches the financial crash unfold from her 9th floor studio window. Fueled by her growing obsession, real-life interviews transform into music videos, ancient spiritual texts become fevered fantasies of synchronized swimming, and a vivid, vulnerable work of art is born from the unique perspective of an artist watching the global financial collapse up close.

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