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Racing Daylight

A critically acclaimed tale of lovers from two different times suggesting the magical reality of reincarnation, RACING DAYLIGHT is a ghost story, a murder mystery and a supernatural love story transcending time. Sadie Stokes (Melissa Leo) is a librarian in the present time who has returned to the family farm to care for her catatonic Grandma. There have always been Stokes in Cedarsville, and Sadie and Grandma are the last ones. Except for the longing Sadie bears for Henry (David Strathairn), the farm's local handyman, she is pretty content to let life pass her by, until a man appears in her mirror, calling her Anna before he disappears. As Sadie starts to take on the characteristics of her ancestor Anna Stokes, she realizes that they both want the same thing; they both want Henry. Only Anna believes Henry is her long lost Harry from centuries past, and Henry may in the end, be the one with the key that settles the past, allowing them the freedom to join together in a future of racing daylight.

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