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If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When?” tells the story of friendship, love, second chances and new beginnings. Having met when they were 14 and bonded by an event that changes their lives forever at 18, “If Not Now, When?”, introduces us to TYRA (Meagan Good), SUZANNE (Mekia Cox), PATRICE (Tamara Bass), and DEIDRE (Meagan Holder). Over the course of their lives, fights, disagreements and loss of love have caused friction and distance to manifest between some of them, particularly Suzanne and Patrice, who have been on the outs for some years. When Tyra, who is mother to 15 year old JILLIAN (Lexi Underwood), suffers a crisis, all four women are drawn back together. Suzanne is stuck in an untenable marriage to TREVOR (Jon Chaffin), but has alienated herself from her friends, so she feels she has no one to turn to. Deidre has a second chance at love with her ex-husband.

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