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42 Seconds of Happiness

Affected by the on-going custody battle between Alis and Tomas over their daughter Sam, Tomas' sister, Maria, invites their group of friends for a weekend away under the guise of her wedding to Cybil. Little do they know that a hurricane is coming (literally and figuratively). Maria has planned an intervention with Tomas and Alis but Alis arrives with her newly married boyfriend, Marc. Felice and Ike try to maintain their "perfect couple" status. Ben flirts with Cybil causing Tomas to attack Ben with inappropriate questions and accusations. Vineke tries to maintain her composure until Tomas lights an emotional spark. Alis and Tomas refuse to agree on anything and as emotions explode, Marc's unstable wife, Sila, arrives with a surprise for them all. Will Tomas and Alis' drama tear apart the shaky relationships around them?

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