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2 Weeks in Lagos

A turbulent and thrilling journey into the lives of Ejikeme and Lola. It is love at first sight for them and as they embark on a journey of discovering this new love, they have to contend with the political ambitions of Ejikeme's mother. As the love story of Ejikeme and Lola unfolds, viewers will laugh, cry and root for true love all at once.

2 WEEKS IN LAGOS captures the excitement and vibrancy of everyday life in Lagos and reflects the complexity of life in Lagos, a dynamic city where anything is possible in 2 Weeks. Throughout the story, Nigerian traditions are explored in an authentic manner that is exciting, educative and poignant; biblical truths about mercy, love, and forgiveness are explored and naturally woven into the day-to-day lives of the protagonists in a truthful and respectful manner reflecting the deep faith of the typical Nigerian. From the crippling infamous Lagos traffic, to the daily hustle that makes up life on the streets of Lagos and a visit to the local street food vendors (Bukkas) serving up the best in local delicacies, 2 WEEKS IN LAGOS will keep viewers glued to the screen from beginning to end.

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